Pocket Radar

From the world’s smallest certified accurate speed radar, to the only radar gun specifically designed for coaching and training, Pocket Radar has engineered a revolutionary product line to fit your speed measurement needs. Each Pocket Radar design includes exceptional performance and technology for a wide variety of applications. Pocket Radar products are convenient and rugged enough for everyday use by everyone from pro to amateur, to National Championship winning coaches and anyone interested in speed.

Tanner Tees

The industry standard. The original hand-rolled FlexTop allows you to feel the ball, not the tee, at contact for the most realistic hitting experience during your tee workout. Its patented tee design and true craftsmanship offers years of proven durability. Patented features allow for simple and sturdy height adjustments for both adult and youth athletes. The Tanner Tee is lightweight, portable and easy to move from the inside to the outside of the plate for comprehensive tee training. It can be transported from the batting cage to the ball field in nearly any gear bag. Perfect for every level of baseball and softball. You can trust Tanner Tees. We've been building tees since the 1990s. Our customers include every professional baseball organization. This is the tee the pros use.


inci Pro products are designed with the professional in mind, and we have since introduced over 40 gloves making us one of the most versatile distributors of high quality and affordable baseball and softball gloves. One of the best-made gloves on the market, our gloves are hand crafted from the finest US Steerhide and Kip leathers. Due to the overwhelming success in our Custom Pro line of gloves, we have introduced the Custom Pro II line of gloves for the price conscious. Made with the same standards as our Custom Pro, the Custom Pro II offers high quality, yet affordable fielder's gloves for the everyday player.


Workouts are a terrible thing to waste. Muscles broken down from strenuous activity benefit from protein almost immediately after exercising, meaning the quicker you feed them, the sooner they begin rebuilding.

Lizard Skins

DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) bat grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. Utilizing our knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative bat grip.

Swivel Vision

Swivel Vision allows athletes to utilize their optimal field of vision in order to achieve maximum focus and better hand-eye coordination. Swivel Vision will help athletes train to increase reaction times and develop superior mechanics. With repetitive use, Swivel Vision seeks to strengthen the core muscle memory of the eyes and the mind to help athletes become more successful.


The first JUGS product, a curveball pitching machine, has developed into the most revolutionary training aid for all phases of the game of baseball. With its ability to accurately throw more than 600 pitches over the plate in one hour, at any speed or spin desired, JUGS is the best training aid for players of all ages. But JUGS is more than a pitching machine. Fielding practice has been greatly improved by using JUGS to throw grounders, pop-ups, and flies to infielders, outfielders, and even catchers. JUGS is also great for simulating game-like conditions and aiding in pre-season tryouts. Other JUGS products which have spun off of this original concept are causing just as much excitement in their respective areas. Now, teams in seven other sports are enjoying better practices because of JUGS products. Besides baseball, there are now JUGS machines for softball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and even the British Commonwealth’s national sport—cricket!